“Too be confronted with striking images of natural structures and composition was quite unexpected and brought to mind the photographs of Charles Jones (circa 1900), who celebrated the plant kingdom, albeit in a very studious fashion. David’s work though I see as breaking free from such formality and it is this that gives it a sense of time, movement and vibrancy.”

Jon Wakeman, East Street Arts, Leeds

“In a world of bullshit, fashion and mumbo jumbo it is a relief to know that an artist as strong and humble as David is creating simple beauty with such diligence and madness. Time will tell the unknowing that this is a very real and serious artist.”

Robert Lloyd, Singer/Songwriter, The Nightingales

“One would think that in the past all has already been done in analogue photography and that since programmes like Photoshop exist all is under control. But the multi-exposed images he has created prove the opposite and seem to open 3 dimensional doors in 2 dimensional worlds. David shows how much there is still to discover for us as viewers when his images start to challenge the rules of photography and become a new way of painting.”
Ron Sluik, Artist

“David’s multiple-exposure photographs offer a timeless visual beauty which draws the viewer in to examine and question the layers beyond the surface.”

Stef Mitchell, Artist, East Yorkshire

David is one of the few artists in North Yorkshire exploring the time based medium of photography beyond the traditional use of the camera. His perspective relates to the abstractions of painters as opposed to photographers, though the influence and contextual referencing to Man Ray seems an obvious connection. David sees light and colour from a painter’s view point of view and is therefore dealing with painterly issues. His work layers multiple images and is therefore constructing and developing a dialogue with the history of photography and the history of painting.”
Kane Cunningham BA Hons, MA, Artist and Course Leader BA Hons in Fine Art